600,000 Jobs saved by SBP Rozgar Refinance Scheme

According to a statement issued by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), until 15 May 2020, around 1700 businesses have applied for loan under the SBP’s Rozgar Refinance Scheme amounting to Rs. 120 billion. These businesses have employed more than 1.1 million individuals. Under this scheme, about Rs. 61 billion has already been approved by banks which represents around 600,000 jobs. The loan under this facility has enabled companies to pay the wages / salaries to its employees thus savings jobs. Whereas the remaining cases amounting to Rs. 59 billion are under process at respective commercial banks.

What you need to know for applying under SBP`s Refinance Scheme for Wages and Salaries

Eligibility criteria

  1. all business concerns are eligible EXCEPT Government Entities, Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs), Autonomous Bodies (ABs) and Financial Institutions.
  2. The funds can only be utilized to finance wages and salaries of permanent, contractual, daily wagers as well as outsourced employees. Other employee benefits i.e. bonuses, sales incentives, employee benefit plans, staff retirement benefits, gratuity etc. are NOT covered under this scheme.
  3. The companies availing financing are required to submit an undertaking stating that they will not lay off their workers/employees at least during three months from the date of first disbursement.
  4. The Refinance scheme covers wages and salaries of workers/employees of borrower for three months from April 2020 to June 2020.
  5. Most importantly refinance can also be availed for salaries pertaining to the month of April 2020 if already paid by company from its own sources.
  6. Wage bill will be determined through the latest available financial statements.
  7. The scheme can only be availed from one bank only.


Charges TypeApplicable Rate
Markup Charges3% (For Filers)
5% (For Non-Filers)
Service ChargesNo loan processing fee or credit limit fee
Pre-payment penaltiesNo prepayment penalties.

Normal mark up rate will be applicable on overdue principal amount, as per the original repayment schedule.

Validity of the Scheme

This scheme is valid until June 30, 2020

Financing Limit

CategoryWage Bill for 3 monthsLoan LimitMaximum Loan Limit
ALess than or equal to Rs. 200 million100% of actual 3 months wage billRs. 200 million
BMore than Rs. 200 million and less than or equal to Rs. 500 million75% of 3 months wage billRs. 375 million
CMore than Rs. 500 millionRs. 375 million or 50% of actual 3 months wage bill, whichever is higherRs. 500 million

Processing Time

Application processing time is 15 working days from the date of receipt of complete information.

Disbursement of Loans

bank will disburse the salary / wage amount directly to the bank accounts/branchless banking accounts/mobile wallets of the workers and employees.

However, cash payment option is also available for employees who are not maintaining any bank account. Such workers / employees can open a bank account merely on an undertaking from the company.

Period of Financing and its Repayment

The Repayment of principal has been set at 8 equal quarterly installments. Moreover, payment of mark up is also on quarterly basis.

The repayment of principal amount will start from January 2021.


According to the credit policy of the concerned bank and risk profile of the customer. In addition, corporate guarantee(s) of vendors/distributors are also acceptable.

Clean lending allowed up to Rs. 5 million for SMEs.

Rejection of the Application

If the application is rejected, the bank will share reasons for rejection with the customer as well as SBP.

Required documents:

The documents required for applying under this scheme are available at http://www.sbp.org.pk/smefd/circulars/2020/C6-Annex1.pdf

Disclaimer: Confirm each and every thing before applying for any job or before giving any advance to any one like agent. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage.


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